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Invisible Walls?

I’ve been reading and hearing that starting a blog is a great thing to do. Not because I feel the burning need to share my thoughts and opinions with the world, nor because I think other people should believe as I do. My purpose is entirely self-serving, I want to help promote my books. By doing this I can help provide links and key phrases to search engines to further optimize my books and / or websites. And all I have to do is spout some random nonsense. Search engine optimization is equal parts science and art, it seems. Amazing, isn’t it?

So what does invisible walls mean? Does it have to do with performers who pantomime running into glass panes? Or perhaps it’s an allusion to the adage about throwing stones and living in a glass house? Even better, maybe it has to do with eliminating the internal dialogue / censor that prevents people from hearing what a person really wants to say (aka seeing inside your thoughts). Of course maybe invisible skull would be more applicable in that latter case. One final possibility occurs to me: perhaps “Invisible Walls” are just to seemingly random words conjoined together (like Concrete Banana). A great name for a band, but nonsense in any other venue.

Whatever the case, I liked it and thus it stuck. It may not be permanent, but aside from death and taxes, what is?

And now the obligatory signature block:

Jason Halstead


Voidhawk at Fidopublishing.com

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