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Who’s the fool?

It’s hard to remember to make posts to this thing. I gave up thinking I had some interesting opinions to share years ago. Everybody has opinions, after all, and everybody is convinced theirs is the best one. Why would they want to hear somebody else’s?

Finally got off my lazy ass and decided to order more copies of my books so I can present them to local book stores for stocking. I need to look into some book signing events also. Rather awkward feeling about that, since I’ve never done one, but who knows.

I’ve been busy lately with work and family and school too, so I’m not writing as much as I should be. That’s a cop out as well, for the record, since there are times and activities I could rearrange to get more in. My current MBA class is nearly over though, thankfully, so I can move on to having a little more time to fill with more productive activities. If you read that as a slight against the class I’m taking…well, good deduction on your part.

The problem, as I randomly select topics in my brain, is that I don’t want to use this as a soapbox from which I bitch, complain, or whine about something that is not sitting right with me. If properly laced with humor it could make for humorous reading, but aside from that nobody wants to read about somebody else’s selfish woes. So that eliminates me complaining about my temperamental ERP server at work and perhaps a host of other items that I dare not even mention the subject of.

Well, with all that talked about, but nothing really said, I’ll push on to close this out. I have an idea for a blog post. A teaser, if you will, of some other things I am writing. Perhaps a foolish notion to post it, but I’m still very much in the foolish stage to presume anything I write has a chance of being published and, even more so, generating interest in the average book buyer.

So then, here’s to fools and their hopes and dreams!

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