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September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I recently finished the rough draft of the third book in a series. Technically the fourth book, since they take place in the Dark Earth universe. And now I ask myself, what’s next? I am tempted to do both more Voidhawk and more Wanted, but given the extremely lackluster performance I have seen out of my publisher for those books, I find myself more than a little hesitant.

Shame on me for not promoting them? Absolutely! But wait, the publisher was supposed to do a share of it as well, including sending them out for reviews and such. Every inquiry I have made in that context has gone unanswered.

And so these most recent books are undergoing a slow editing process and then I shall attempt to find a new home for them. Kind of like diversifying my portfolio, only in this case I’m trying to get my stuff out there in as many different channels as possible to generate interest.

The books in question are a trilogy centered around a character I would absolutely despise if I were to meet her, yet I love her as her creator. A twisted concept, to be sure, but that’s one of her many faults – a rather caustic nature to hide a very fragile and sensitive person inside. Fortunately for her that caustic mask she wears is backed up with the ability to pound the snot out of the average punk who might take offense to it. I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass, for example.

But that brings me back to what next? Feeling tapped out lately and in need of inspiration. I’ve got a couple of ideas – ideas I’ll even share. The first involves a world where less than 10% of the Earth’s population remains. What happened? Why nothing, at least nothing apocalyptic. This 10% is instead those who have perished in a pandemic of some sort. They don’t know it though, they just find themselves in the world they thought they knew, yet without 9 out of 10 people they may have known. What’s the plot and purpose? No idea, but I thought it was a cool twist on the apocalyptic theme.

The other is a man waking up with no memory of his past. He tries to make his way through the motions trying to figure out who he is, what he does, and even where he’s at. Nothing makes sense except for the woman he keeps catching glimpses of. A woman he feels he knows, and a woman who continues to meet his gaze but he has trouble catching her. Intermixed with this are strange flashbacks he has. His memory returning, perhaps, or some other visions. He sees the woman in some of them, in others he sees different events. Slowly he starts piecing things together…

I like that latter idea quite a bit. I’m not sure I’ll get around to writing it, but I like it nonetheless. For that reason alone I will reveal no spoilers.

But alas, ere that or anything else happens I really need to revisit my website and make it not suck. Likewise the Dark Earth website is in serious need of completion. Working with my ISP to get anything accomplished or designed is a major pain in the ass. I do all the coding and database work, but getting them to make database changes that are necessary is torturous, at best. C’est la vie, right? Such is the price of getting things done. I hope one day to look back on this and say, “Yeah, I earned my success.” Until then I continue to fantasize about succeeding.

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