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Rolling Stones

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Great band, hands down, but that’s beside the point. No, I meant that one must keep rolling forward to avoid gathering moss, fungus, dirt, and a generally unpleasant odor. Great, now that you’re nose is wrinkled and your mildly concerned, let’s get on with it.

Half a night’s sleep has me feeling better this morning. It helps that a lot of work was invested into my web site and I even put together a Facebook fan page! Not sure I know what I’m doing there, but that’s what we call growing pains. A special show of appreciation to my lovely wife for her styling and design tips. Okay, they were more like demands at some points, but that’s okay – I have the graphical artistic abilities of a bat at high noon.

So in a show of shameless self promotion, check out my web page: I still have to add a few elements but it’s up and cracking, for now. Not nearly as cool as some other moderately more successful authors, but I’m on a budget and time constraints here. (read: I made it myself in between work, writing, and spending time with my wife and very young children).

Oh, and I just got some feedback yesterday from It turns out through their extended distribution channels I sold some books in Q3 of 2010! I shouldn’t act surprised, but my marketing / promoting has been mostly non-existent up until now. So hey, if people are buying and liking my writing without me getting it out there, maybe other people will too! I just have to let them know about it. So now I’m letting you know, go check it out!

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October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Me? No, not in the least. Then again, maybe I’m lying to you. Or I could be lying about lying. Now you’re wondering. Or maybe what you’re really wondering is what the hell am I talking about?

Private story, I’m afraid. But I’m trying to work the anger out of my system through this. So how do I turn this into something useful and humorous. Perhaps I can use it as fodder for a story I’m working on. One of many, I should add! Now if only I was better at marketing / promotion the world could enjoy my angst.

Come to think of it, my current project is the sequel to Wanted and there’s a couple of awesome opportunities to slip some treachery and backstabbing in amongst “friends.”

Well a short post, but I’m not really inspired to do much with it. C’est la vie. What’s important is that all things in life are lessons and fuel. We take from them what we can and learn, for better or worse. And, as I’m hoping, use them as well to create better things down the road.

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