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Me? No, not in the least. Then again, maybe I’m lying to you. Or I could be lying about lying. Now you’re wondering. Or maybe what you’re really wondering is what the hell am I talking about?

Private story, I’m afraid. But I’m trying to work the anger out of my system through this. So how do I turn this into something useful and humorous. Perhaps I can use it as fodder for a story I’m working on. One of many, I should add! Now if only I was better at marketing / promotion the world could enjoy my angst.

Come to think of it, my current project is the sequel to Wanted and there’s a couple of awesome opportunities to slip some treachery and backstabbing in amongst “friends.”

Well a short post, but I’m not really inspired to do much with it. C’est la vie. What’s important is that all things in life are lessons and fuel. We take from them what we can and learn, for better or worse. And, as I’m hoping, use them as well to create better things down the road.

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