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Turning something old into something new

The title sounds cooler than it really is. Then again, isn’t that what headlines are designed to do?

The premise behind it is that I have had an idea for a long time now to write some shorter pieces and release them for free public consumption. My theory is that by doing so it will hopefully generate interest in my writing. I’ve long had plans to write up some short stories featuring characters in my Voidhawk series, but considering that setting has been around for several years now and nothing has yet been written, we can all see where that’s going. I’ve even debated an occasional unrelated short story set in the Wanted universe to try and generate some interest for that world. Yeah, nothing happening there either.

With that goal all but abandoned, I started working on a story that takes place in the Dark Earth universe. The current one (which nobody has seen except my very talented editor, J.E. Taylor. More on that in a moment. First this story, which follows the life of a very unlikely anti-hero. He’s haunted in a way that is maddening to even consider. And, ultimately, it proves to tie into the existing storylines I’ve written (but not yet released) to pique interest. Also because I just like it when things come together. Hopefully this story, under the working title of, “Voices”, will be available soon. How soon remains to be determined. I’m 75% or so through the rough draft, then it’ll need to be edited (of course), and I’m doing some things that are a first for me with this one, so I might be treated roughly by the aforementioned editor when (and if, she’s a busy lady) she gets it.

As for the “to be mentioned later” bit, now is later. Or later is the new now…you get the idea. I believe I’ve mentioned this before in passing, but the current state of events in the Dark Earth universe is 40 or so years after the already published, “Dark Earth.” That sets the stage and unveils the possibilities. The new stuff follows a small cast of characters that are struggling in every way through life, much as we all do. Love, identity, family, friends it gets complicated. It doesn’t help that I keep dumping the heroine in the hospital for the repeated abuses she endures. Yes, it could be said that I am a heroine abuser. Sorry, I just can’t resist a truly bad joke.

Anyhow, the newer Dark Earth books combine the Earth we know and love with it’s dark twin in another dimension of existence. People will always be people and they continue to do so, plus add in the complications of magic, fantasy, and both scientific and medical breakthroughs using technology. Oh, and did I mention one of the main supporting characters is an elite class call girl?

One final note, and this is unrelated to just about everything. Blog length. I read very few blogs, I confess. Only one with any regularity. Shame on me, perhaps, but I’m still working on slipping a few extra hours into the day to take care of such things. I think a large reason that I don’t read more blogs has to do with length. If it’s interesting to me, be it entertaining or otherwise, then I want to read something of substance. One or two paragraphs seems more like a feeble cry for attention than a genuine attempt at putting something useful out there. And, in turn, I like to hopefully provide something useful to anybody crazy or bored enough to read mine.

So here’s to hoping you find something useful here. If not, feel free to tell me I suck via a comment or email.

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