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Two for one!

I don’t post for weeks at a time then I do two in one day. Freaky.

This post has to do with me hoping to post something useful. I wasn’t sure it was, but I have been informed otherwise. It originated as my response to somebody asking a question on a private message board catering to weight training and healthy living. Matter of fact, I’ll throw out the public props to the creator of said board, Will Brink. Check him out over at the Brinkzone.org.

Anyhow, the question involved how genetics and steroids factored into bodybuilders getting big and beefy looking. Especially the pros. Could Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler be the monsters they are without good genetics or without some assistance? My response follows…

As a non-bodybuilder, let me weigh in a useless opinion!

Genetics have been covered. Juice is beneficial, but if you take a 4 cylinder Honda “sports car” and soup the shit out of the engine to make it fast, it will go pretty damn fast. Now take a Viper or a Corvette and augment it similarly. Who wins?

I’d say less than .01% of the population have the genetic predisposition to turn themselves into a Ronnie, Jay, Arnold, etc.. These guys are big and huge thanks to nature and lots of work. We want them bigger and badder though, and they want it as well since they grew up in the same society. Plus they want to win and they know their competitors want to win – they do whatever they have to so they can win.

I’ve been close to 240 lbs before, at a height of 6’0. I have trouble sleeping when I get that big. 240 and around 11% bodyfat, for the record. I can’t imagine getting bigger to the size those guys are simply because I don’t know how they can get comfortable at night.

These days eating clean and keeping my bodyfat in the 9 – 10% range I can’t seem to climb about 225. I’d like to be around 230 – 235 and 9%, but my genetics seems to be indicating this is about as big as I’m going to get – at least at this stage of my life training the way I do. If I switched from powerlifting to bodybuilding I might be able to pack on some more weight. Or if I took the plunge and pigged out for six months straight I could get big and fat then cut back down to something lean after another three – six months and hopefully have packed on 5 – 10 more pounds of muscle.

Or there are things I could take to help me grow and get where I want to, but once I stopped taking them I’d fall back to where I am now over time. I might keep a little, but not much since I’ve been doing this for quite a while now. The curse of the advanced lifter. I’ve got better than average genetics for this, but nowhere near the monsters that are out there that those of us in the biz look up to.

So yeah, for most of us the answer is to not quite our day jobs. Those that can, do. The rest of us have to watch and admire from the sidelines.

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