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Happiness is…

When I was a little kid I distinctly recall having a set of Peanuts pillow (not the salted or roasted kind, Snoopy and gang) that had a a blurb on it with those very words. It was followed up with Snoopy holding a massive ice cream cone with 40+ scoops of different flavored ice cream. Just to clear the air, this post has nothing to do with ice cream, Snoopy, or pillows.

A moment of happiness for me was last night when I finished my rough draft of “Voices.” I’ve made some tweaks and minor edits already this morning, then printed it out for review / edit. I edit better on paper than I do on a screen. Not always, but usually.

My wife also wishes to read it. Or at least she notified me of such when she asked me last night what it was about. A few minutes into the conversation she interrupted me and said, “Am I going to need to read this after you’re done telling me? I just want a blurb like on the back of the book, not the entire story!”

It’s a tricky one for me to summarize. It’s about an anti-hero in my Dark Earth setting who’s led a lousy life and made a lot of bad choices. He’s not a nice guy, but in the end he has a chance that he doesn’t deserve to maybe put a little bit of “right” back in the world. That’s about the best I can do without a lot of thought.

So, first up is the edit, then I’ve got to find some cover art for it. Self-publishing this baby since I’m giving it away, so either I find a talented and generous artist (I may know a couple) or I try to photoshop my way to success. Yeah, if that happens I’m screwed.

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