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What’s now vs what’s next

Picked up an obnoxious throat / chest cold. Not a bad one, but between that and medication I had a lousy night and a day of minimal productivity. Didn’t help that the kids don’t understand the time change last night either. Ugh.

And I just drank some pretend chocolate vanilla tea. Not sure how that works. Channeling the imagination of young children could very well be an unlimited source of renewable energy. Hmm, that’s almost Matrix-esque.

But moving ahead, I’m thinking of Ice Princess, the sequel to Wanted. I’m also having a terrible fascination with Succubi, no doubt because of a recent question asked to me in an interview. No worries, no demons will appear in the Wanted universe, but I do have one in the third book of my Voidhawk saga which I’m working on here and there.

And still on the edit of Voices too. Not enough hours in the day…

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