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Shooting blanks

No, this isn’t about Hollywood action scenes, nor the nocturnal activities of men who have had vasectomies. Rather it’s me staring at the screen with a glaze over my eyes trying to come up with something witty and entertaining. I think there might even be a spot of drool running down my chin.

Two possibilities exist: 1) I’ve over-medicated myself to defeat this cold. 2) My medication is wearing off 3) My brain really is just that fried. It’s probably not 3 since I can still do simple math and I realize that I offered up three possibilities where there should only be two. Call it thinking outside the box or maybe a living example of quantum mechanics at work.

Quite a bummer too, this will stop me from working out tonight. Lack of focus and heavy weights is never good. Lack of oomph associated with sickness plus the above is even worse. Add in my stubborn insistence that I can still lift the same amount as normal and the end result is a trip to the ER. Nobody wants that except the ridiculously overpriced hospital where I live. Maybe I’m off base but for an in-network claim does almost $600 sound right for a single staple to the back of a kid’s head? No blood tests, no lab work, no x-rays, no medication. Just a single staple and about 10 minutes of time. If it does, not only am I in wrong business but I also need to know where you live so I can start up a residency there after I get my medical degree!

And now I’ve ran out of randomness.

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  1. Dawn
    November 9, 2010 at 17:17

    Oh honey I hope you feel better soon! But I am excited that I get more time with my honey tonight!

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