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Early Morning Post

As unlikely as this might seem, I had something witty to post this early in the morning. Screeching children have shattered any semblance of a coherent thought I may have had, however.

In other news, I have an iPad. It’s my one and only concession to Apple, even though I consider Steve Jobs a tyrannical genius. It’s a PC vs Mac thing and I’m a PC guy. Always have been.

So the iPad, I’ve probably whined or blogged about it before. It’s a neat little toy, but really that’s all it is. It functions very well as an e-reader, my principle reason for buying it. It also plays back movies, music, and has a ridiculous battery life. Those are positive things, but things I can also get out of my laptop save for the extended battery life. Come to think of it, the laptop does a heck of a lot more. Sure it’s heavier, but it’s also got a full size keyboard and a 17″ screen capable of HD quality. I’m a big guy (in a good way), so a little extra weight doesn’t faze me. Oh, and the recent study regarding laptop and overheated testicles? I’m good there too, we have all the kids we need. (check the link, I’m not kidding)

Okay, so everyone says that about the iPad. I’m just a data point, but I still bought it so Apple is happy. Something I discovered this morning while making sure it was ready for my red-eye flight tonight was a free app I had installed a while ago and forgot about: Dragon Dictation. I’m on the tail end of a sinus / chest cold this morning but I fired it up and tried it out. In spite of the fact that I can do a great Krusty the Clown impersonation at the moment, it nailed every word I spoke into it. That sucks out some of my vitriol for the built in touchscreen keypad that, frankly, sucks. Then again if I tried writing via speech on a plane with other people around me, they might very well think they were sitting near a crazy person. Especially if they dared to listen to me and hear what I was saying!

And so the laptop comes with for writing purposes and all those many other things it is useful for. The iPad will be there as well, but it’s purpose in life will be for reading any ebooks or watching any of the movies I’ve put on it. Layovers will see the laptop in use since I can plug it in to keep it fully charged, and when no plug is available…

Yes, I’m a techno-geek…why do you ask?

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