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Not so early anymore

It’s an evening post this time. 7:04 MST. Or MDT, I get them confused. Anyhow, I’m sitting in an airport waiting for my plane to board. Not exactly a location where I’m likely to spout out any great bits of wisdom or other epiphanies.

So instead I’ll talk about my wife. Don’t worry honey, it’s good talk. In particular I’m referring to her hair. Ouch, a woman and her hair, how dare I even consider the topic?

For a while my wife had some mighty blond hair. Blond as in platinum. No, she didn’t come that way, it was a lot of work to get it to that shining condition. It looked good. I enjoyed it very much and so did she. But alas, it takes a lot of work to keep hair in that condition. When coupled with some other environmental and circumstantial factors beyond her control, it ended up causing damage that proved irreparable. And so a week or so back she had to go back to a brunette color and have a few inches cut off. Not devastating, by any means, but it was a change.

Big deal so far, right? Well this is where it starts to get interesting. When she went blond in the first place there was a mixed reaction to it. Some people loved it (the minority), some liked it, some said they liked it, and some claimed to not like it at all. No numbers or statistical measurements to be had, unfortunately. Now that she came back over to the brunette side the reviews have all been positive from everyone who has deigned to comment in person or virtually (aka Facebook). People claiming they like it more even, though a few of us remain on a fencepost and say both were quite beautiful.

It’s the side effects of fringe benefits of the change that really surprised me. Not only did greater numbers praise her move to brunette, but she’s had more women talk to her than before. More eye contact, more smiles, and just more social acceptance. Not anything twisted or romantic, dear reader, but rather just a simple friendly demeanor instead of a cold brush off that she often received before.

This makes me theorize that perhaps blonds, especially the most extreme of them (platinum) need to either have a very outgoing and social personality or the confidence of a NATO weapons inspector looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Okay, okay, it’s a dated joke but I’m distracted and still medicated.

Conversely, as a brunette, she has more the girl-next-door look. Sure, I realize Elisha Cuthbert was blond in that movie but let’s not get caught up in details. When blond people seemed to perceive her as unapproachable and an ice-queen. Now things are quite the opposite. A very interesting study in human behavior.

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  1. Dawn
    November 11, 2010 at 21:14

    Aww honey I love you!

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