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From the land of the medicinally challenged

No, I’m not being held captive by a group of Jehovah’s Witness. I’m just doing my best to over-medicate myself to eliminate this vicious head cold that is hell bent on turning into a sinus infection. Had to do a lot of flying this weekend – covered over 3000 miles round trip, and the pressure changes were a delightful thing to experience. It was a good trip though, so don’t let me sound too down on it.

While lazing away during a layover I found out about a new site to post my books on. Or at least the ones I have full rights too (all of them, at present). So, without further adieu, the website is called Bookmato.com. I’m not sure what a mato is, but I don’t like to let details slow me down. The address is www.bookmato.com. Thus far I have Voidhawk, Voidhawk -The Elder Race, Wanted, and Dark Earth.

They have an interesting, if pointless, concept in use the is similar to what Microsoft Live does. Or Windows Live or whatever’s it called. They use points to purchase books, either in parts or in whole. For every thousand words in a book the author sets a price for how many points that costs. 1 mato point (I think that’s what they call them) = $.01. That’s why it seems pointless to me. The ability to purchase by sections or chapters is a nice thing though – people can read a little bit at a time and if they’re on the fence about it not have to buy the entire thing. Then, if they decide it sucks or they just don’t have time to finish it, they don’t have to buy the remainder. Conversely if they like it, then they can just buy the remainder.

Check it out, I don’t know if it’s going to take the epublishing world by storm or not but I think it will have a place in it.

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