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6 am is gonna come a lot earlier

Or at least two hours earlier. Moving cross country…again. Ten months ago I moved out to Utah to a new job and a different way of life. Much more laid back environment and a very small community. Very small. Population 5000 in the summer, much less in the winter. Beautiful scenery and tons of nature in this high desert region, but alas, the nearest city of substance is 105 miles away.

The job was good too. The only problems I would speak of involved the fact that growth opportunity was limited, at best, owing to the very small nature of the company. Well that and benefits were limited. I don’t fault the company at all for any of that, it’s the nature of the environment and circumstances for their existence. Plus I come from many years in the auto industry and grew acclimated to the fringes associated with such.

And now I return to the auto industry. Solid company I’ve been interested in joining for years, as well as an offer that I simply could not turn down. Okay, sure, I could have, but doing so would have been against the very grain of my nature. I believe in always pushing forward and reaching for higher goals. Without that motivation and drive, I wouldn’t be writing this and I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact, I’d probably be sitting on a broken down couch somewhere overweight and on my way to a hangover.

I’ll take hard work and eventual success any day. Then again, so many things are going right for me right now that I’m a little worried about what could happen to restore the balance!

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