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Weekend Update

In our final couple of weeks in Moab now. Last night my wife and I made the drive to Grand Junction, Colorado because her droid sucked. Samsung Fascinate Galaxy, it’s a P.O.S.. Kept locking up and dropping calls. She swapped it out for the Droid X, a larger and more robust phone that cost the same. She’s happy, I’m happy. Now we just had to drive back home…

So we get off on I-70 and are greeted with flashing lights. Red and blue mostly, and a lot of them. No, they didn’t finally catch up to me, they were waiting (not for us). I approached slowly, not expecting to be let through since they were spread across four lanes or so (four cop cars). As we approached nobody moved to slow or stop us, and on top of that, they were carrying shotguns or rifles. I suspect the former from what little I could see, but it was late, dark, and I didn’t exactly have time to gawk or ask them.

So we kept going down 191 toward Moab. Twenty minutes later or so I was passed by two more cop cars (trucks actually) with lights and tires blaring. We kept driving, and a few minutes later saw they’d blocked off a side road (279, which runs along the Colorado river a ways to a Potash plant some 18 miles or so down it).

By this time Dawn, my wife, had figured out how to user her new droid to find news posts. Turns out somebody had had a disagreement with a park ranger, of all people, and gunshots were exchanged. The ranger was hit thre times, allegedly (arm, leg, belly), but not mortally wounded. He called for backup and ended up being flown to Grand Junction for surgery. As far as I know, he came through it and is doing okay but he was considered critical last night. Here’s to hoping he’s doing all right.

The person / people who shot him? Unknown. He / she / they abandoned the car and disappeared into the wilderness. The area was locked down last night but nobody went hunting in the dark. This morning they’re all over the place, with search and rescue, police, and even a SWAT team or two from somewhere trying to hunt the suspect(s) down. Where they got a SWAT team from is beyond me – we’re hours from anyplace busy enough or civilized enough to host a SWAT team. Yes, I understand the irony of needing a certain level of “civilization” to field a SWAT team.

No new news this morning either, fun times in a small rural town. Where we’re moving to shootings happen far more regularly, although we’ll be 20 – 30 miles away from Youngstown proper, where the bad stuff happens. Funny how environment can change your perspective.

Oh, and my chief complaint. WTF are cops doing allowing people to drive into an area with a known danger consisting of an unknown number of gunmen who aren’t afraid to shoot?

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