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Turkey Day Obligations

The world (or the handful of people reading this), don’t give a damn about who I am thankful for. That’s a personal thing for each of us, and those of us in our lives should already know they made the list. If they don’t I recommend getting right with it because you never know when tomorrow might not come.

I slept fitfully last night. Not plagued by dreams, but rather by thoughts. The post I made about the friend who’s running through the below-freezing temperature woods in Michigan hiding from the police reached a disappointing end last night. He broke into an abandoned house and found a place where he could shoot himself. In the chest. With a shotgun. I don’t mean it to sound gruesome, but I have to wonder at the choice of options. Not quite as challenging as licking your own elbow I suppose.

The dude screwed up a lot of lives, not just his own. He probably deserved it and had a moment of lucidity where he realized the alternative was the rest of his life spent performing various acts frowned on by the Catholic Church in a prison. Still I’m sad. I knew him when any hint of something like this was just that, a hint buried beneath a charming smile and a winning personality. Lots of people have that little quiver of, “I could snap!” but most of us never do. And of those that do, most aren’t nearly as efficient at screwing things up.

And so, aside from the obvious personal stuff I’m thankful that I knew Sean before he was a woman-stabbing, shotgun-toting crazy man. And I’m thankful to him for helping to remind those of us who knew him (the ones I’ve talked to, at least), of how important it is to value friends, family, and life in general. Not to mention the value of taking a step back to take a breath and maintain our own sanity during times of stress.

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