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Strange Superpowers

Settling, slowly, into the new place in Ohio. The semi trailer full of my stuff arrives today, which means tonight is really going to suck. I’ll get home from work and tear into unloading it. No chance in hell of finishing it. That’s assuming the cross country travel (by rail and by truck) has not yielded some realignment or our belongings in a way that is not conducive to continued use. Good times.

Other move-worthy news is the big snow storm we’ve endured since arriving. The trip here was great, hardly any adverse weather at all. A few snowflakes as we came through Vale over the Rocky’s, but that’s to be expected. Also worth noting is how beautiful Vale is at night during the holidays. They light up the trees in different colors and it really does look like something out of a postcard.

And for potential would-be winter movers, rethink any plans of towing something of substance behind a 6 cylinder engine while heading across the Rockys on I-70. I pulled my Chevy Impala on a car dolly behind a Trailblazer and there were a few high altitude stretches were 20 – 30 mph was the most my poor engine could handle. We’re taking 8000+ feet of altitude so the engine was starved for air, but that’s of no concern if your tying up the road with a vehicle that won’t move.

Now back to the Ohio snowstorm. I’m told by my landlord they haven’t had snow like this in years. Personally I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. But it’s still a few inches of snow and it’s been keeping me on my toes remember how to drive on it. The part that bugs me is that when I moved to Utah there was some snowstorms that hit. Now Ohio. The patterns seems indicative of ugly weather patterns following me wherever I go. It’s disturbing and definitely not the superpower I would have picked.

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