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Another quicky

All these quickies but don’t worry, I promise fingers aren’t losing any endurance. This post is one of many attempts being made to notify the world I just had my fifth book released: “Human Nature“. go to http://www.excessica.com to check it out.

Human Nature is a near future science fiction book that came to me many years ago. 1994, I believe, when Independence Day (with Will Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum) was released. Loved the movie, of course, but I always wondered what would have happened if humanity hadn’t stepped up to the plate? What if Steve Jobs hadn’t made the Apple so robust it could interface with alien technology more robust than anything we could envision? And thus the seeds were planted, but it was not until just last year that I finally watered the ground and caused them to spring forth.

Human Nature is not nearly as vast a story as Independence Day. It follows a band of survivors who are making their way across America’s midwest in hopes of finding a place they can settle down and reform a pocket of civilization. Aliens came and kicked the snot out of the earth, then stole 90% of our most precious natural resource. Not oil, not water, not air…people. They left something behind too, a bevy of various other alien races. Their purpose was unclear, but the aliens left behind have one thing in common, a dislike for the survivors of humanity.

So far it sounds kind of far out and neat, right? I hope? Future technology, scorched earth atmosphere, aliens… there must be all sorts of cool fight scenes and hard sci fi tech, right? Well, a little, but not as much as you might think. That stuff is cool to a few of us diehard nerds, but it doesn’t necessary tell a story that well.

Human Nature focuses instead on one main character who had her life going according to plan before the sky fell on top of her. She lost pretty much everything that mattered to her (as did most people), and Human Nature is about her struggle to come to terms with it and accept what the future may mean. Along the way others have to come to rely on her and she’s thrust into a role she never knew she could be capable of. Ultimately, in a strange sort of way, Human Nature is as much a story of romance and growing up as it is a science fiction book.

So check it out! It’s available on www.excessica.com and www.smashwords.com.

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