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Mid-week ramblings

I have no idea what to babble about, but it seemed like I should be babbling. Sometimes inspiration comes thusly, from just typing until something that sounds both intelligent and non-random emerges. So far though, no luck.

I suspect a combination of being tired, recuperating from the move / packing / unpacking, and learning a new job is taking its toll on me. Things are going well though, I have to say. My kids seem to really love the new place, and all in all I’m in a position some might find enviable.

Then a damn Twilight commercial comes on the TV and all the good mood and karma I was building up goes out the window. I’m filled with wrath and a desire for little more than the chance to punch that pretentious metrosexual douche bag vampire fan boy main character in the face and break his pretty boy nose. Don’t get me started on how I really feel…

So yeah, nothing came out of this worth writing or reading. Sorry if you made it this far. Guess I’ll go work on my latest masterpiece, the third installment in my Voidhawk series.

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