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Paypal, AKA the web payment service that failed

I’ve heard more than a fair share of Paypal horror stories over the years. I’d never had that much hassle with them though, so I figured people had special situations or they were just finicky. I also rarely ever used Paypal – although I did heavily investigate the sandbox a while back while developing some websites and getting them all set up to accept payments through Paypal APIs.

Recently all that changed. I forgot my password and managed to get it reset through Paypal, but then they went and put restrictions on my account until I verify my identity and my location. Annoyed, I did so, even scanning in my photo ID and sending it to them. The response I got was that my scan was too small to be legible. Bullshit, it was perfectly legible and if they bothered to print it out, it would be the same size of a normal driver’s license. It’s nearly X-mas now, but I plan on calling tomorrow to see if I can get them to stop acting like douche bags.

But wait, it gets better. I received Q2 and Q3 royalty payments today for books sold at Fido Publishing. Not only was I surprised, but I owe Fido an apology – multiple books sold through other distribution channels that Fido operates. Anyhow, apology aside, Paypal emailed me to let me know they were challenging the authenticity of the transaction. I had to respond notifying them it was legitimate, and then I suspect Fido had to do the same (they did). Several hours later Paypal released the transaction and life was good…except my account remains restricted and I can not access or utilize the funds. Merry Christmas to me from Paypal.

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