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Here vs There

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

The benefit of being here is that I’m always there, no matter where here is. Deep, I know.

On the matter of living in Ohio versus living in Moab, Utah, I had some thoughts a little bit ago. My wife brought the topic up first, but it made me think on what I’d be doing if I still loved in Utah. I had no good answer for it, but I did realize I would not have been shoveling snow out of my three car wide driveway. It’s not like living in the snow belt off of Lake Michigan was when we lived near Kalamazoo, but we’re still catching lake effect snow from lake Erie here in eastern Ohio.

Good exercise and it’s light fluffy snow, so why bitch about it? Heck, temps in the teens without any noticeable wind chill even made sure I didn’t overheat. The problem was the sore back I’ve been milking for a week or so. Something went awry while squatting at the gym a few weeks ago, but I seem to have mostly recovered from that. Between a persisting soreness and adjusting to a new mattress, it remains aggravated. It probably didn’t help that my gym allows me to use chalk and that has me back to doing partial deadlifts over 500 pounds for reps.

Working out is a wonderful thing. Burns calories, keeps me strong and healthy (usually), and keeps me prepared for the physical surprises life throws at me. On the other hand, the stronger you get, the greater the chance that a screw turns catastrophic. Another fine example of being careful what you wish for.

Still, even with threats of broken bones, slipped discs, or cracked skulls on icy patches of driveway – I’ll take being here versus there any day. Beneath all this damn snow the grass really is greener.

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An old friend pays a visit

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve done a lot of things in my life that some people might classify as unfortunate. Others, stupid. Almost without exception those “things” ended up in some sort of injury or other pain-inducing scenario. What makes me more worthy of complaining about it than anybody else? Probably nothing, but maybe I can entertain a few people in the process. My pain is your gain.

Past incidents, just to set a baseline, include shifting and popping bones in my wrist during a powerlifting competition. That one took a while to stop bugging me. Nothing broken, just stretched out tendons that let the bones migrate for the winter to a different part of my wrist. Another example would be a notorious separation of muscle and tendons from my left pectoral to my left humerus. That one required surgery and a 6 month recovery (truth be told I’m still recovering over a year later). Various knee and hip pains, some old broken bones, a few concussions…you get the idea.

So with that said, last night at the gym was going great. Everything seemed spot on until my second to last set of squats. I went down, felt a splash of napalm across my lower back for half a second, then felt some awkwardness and unpleasantness on my way back up from the squat. I racked the weights and was more or less done for the night. Barely able to get out of bed this morning and make it in to work…but the part even I laughed at was how many different ways I had to try and contort myself to be able to get my socks on and, later, tie my shoes. I suspect I may have invented a couple of new yoga positions.

Pain killers and movement to stay somewhat flexible seem to be the keys to staying productive. I expect I should be in traction on a couch or a bed somewhere, but that’s not my style. If I can be miserable anywhere, I might as well make the best of it and get something done while I’m at it. Especially since a muscle spasm is not contagious.

No advice to offer anyone else this time either. Usually when I get hurt it’s because I did something stupid. This time I can’t find anything wrong with the events preceding the injury. Sure, there are a few people who might claim squatting 365lbs for reps is stupid, but I don’t generally spend any time thinking about that, especially since that’s only about 75% of my max. Ah well, at least my wife had a great workout that left me impressed and very proud of her.

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2011 and counting

I’m back in the full swing of being way too busy, so not much going on. Trying to read a first book from a fellow writer for a review (like it so far, though it seems to be stretching on rather long), learning a new job, back to regular 3 / week workouts, and I’m back in school winding down towards the end of my MBA. I’ll finish it up this year, only a couple of classes left.

So posting on here has taken a hit. Trying to keep it up and happening, but for both of my readers I thought I owed you an explanation. In the world of me writing stuff down I have submitted a couple more pieces for publishing, and I’m still waiting for cover art on my freebie novella I wrote late last year. I may stop waiting very soon and seek an alternate option for it though. When it is up, look for it on Smashwords.

Oh, and on the topic of books sales I did a decent amount of them, considering my woefully inadequate amount of marketing and publicizing. At least for Q2 and Q3 of last year I did okay. Not enough to live on by any means – or do much more than buy the newspaper and a cup of coffee. Still, it’s a start and the trend shows things picking up. Not only that, but the more I get out there, the more those numbers also grow. Hoping to have a fund set up for marketing / publicizing real soon as well – that can only make it better, right? The trick is to realize more in sales than the marketing costs. See, that college education wasn’t entirely wasted after all!

For my sake and yours, I hope I can abstain from these early morning posts. Not much makes sense and I hate to drive the few readers I have away with the inane posts.

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