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An old friend pays a visit

I’ve done a lot of things in my life that some people might classify as unfortunate. Others, stupid. Almost without exception those “things” ended up in some sort of injury or other pain-inducing scenario. What makes me more worthy of complaining about it than anybody else? Probably nothing, but maybe I can entertain a few people in the process. My pain is your gain.

Past incidents, just to set a baseline, include shifting and popping bones in my wrist during a powerlifting competition. That one took a while to stop bugging me. Nothing broken, just stretched out tendons that let the bones migrate for the winter to a different part of my wrist. Another example would be a notorious separation of muscle and tendons from my left pectoral to my left humerus. That one required surgery and a 6 month recovery (truth be told I’m still recovering over a year later). Various knee and hip pains, some old broken bones, a few concussions…you get the idea.

So with that said, last night at the gym was going great. Everything seemed spot on until my second to last set of squats. I went down, felt a splash of napalm across my lower back for half a second, then felt some awkwardness and unpleasantness on my way back up from the squat. I racked the weights and was more or less done for the night. Barely able to get out of bed this morning and make it in to work…but the part even I laughed at was how many different ways I had to try and contort myself to be able to get my socks on and, later, tie my shoes. I suspect I may have invented a couple of new yoga positions.

Pain killers and movement to stay somewhat flexible seem to be the keys to staying productive. I expect I should be in traction on a couch or a bed somewhere, but that’s not my style. If I can be miserable anywhere, I might as well make the best of it and get something done while I’m at it. Especially since a muscle spasm is not contagious.

No advice to offer anyone else this time either. Usually when I get hurt it’s because I did something stupid. This time I can’t find anything wrong with the events preceding the injury. Sure, there are a few people who might claim squatting 365lbs for reps is stupid, but I don’t generally spend any time thinking about that, especially since that’s only about 75% of my max. Ah well, at least my wife had a great workout that left me impressed and very proud of her.

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