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Reefer Madness

This post has nothing to do with marijuana, sorry to disappoint. Instead it’s me beginning to chronicle a revisit to an old hobby: that of being an aquarist. WTF is an aquarist? It means I’ve got an aquarium with fish and stuff in it. Pretty deep, eh?

In the past I’ve had lots of aquariums, sometimes more than one at a time. 20 gallon, 39 gallon, 55 gallon, 80 gallon (acrylic bowfront – let me strongly suggest never purchasing an aquarium like this), and 90 gallon. I’ve had freshwater community tanks (random tropical fish designed to get along well together), freshwater cichlid tanks (cichlids are brighter and generally larger fish that come from South America, Africa, or even Texas. They tend to be a little more fiesty too, but they’re fun freshwater fish.

I’ve also had a saltwater tank in the past. It was in my 80 gallon aquarium and it was fun, but it just got too costly to maintain when I had a $40 fish that kept jumping out and dying. Well, there are other costs associated that make it expensive too, but more on that later. Anyhow, I sold my fish and live rocks back, then traded in the tank and stand for a bigger tank and stand (90 gallons) that became my largest cichlid tank. A few moves later and I got rid of all my aquariums (moving 2 hours with a 90 gallon aquarium is one thing, moving 1500 miles is another!). Now I’ve moved back to a civilized part of the world and I’m getting back into the hobby.

In fact, my intent was to start up an aquarium to add color and interactivity to the house and because my daughter really liked the last community tank I had (29 gallon). We went to a pet store to check things out and ended up walking out with a rabbit instead. Yeah, I’m still not sure how that worked. Later that week after thorough discussions with my wife we decided to go ahead with the aquarium anyhow. Or perhaps more appropriately she insisted I quit whining about how much it would cost and just go and get it so I’d stop whining about it. Yeah, she’s my personal enabler.

After searching high and low, both locally and not-so-locally, I ended up finding the aquarium I wanted practically next door. It’s a 37 gallon cube tank that I decided to set up as a saltwater tank. More to follow…

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