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The Art of Apocalypse

I know, the movie came out years ago now, but I finally got around to watching 2012. I’ve always meant to, but the stars and planets and whatnot never aligned. At least not until 2011. Bad inside joke – if you’ve seen the movie you might get it but even then I wager it’s not very funny. Well, I’m amused, but I’ve hit my head on a lot of things in my life.

So anyhow, why blog about a movie that came out years ago? Because I genuinely liked it. It’s not just John Cusack, who I really enjoy as an actor, or the rest of the cast (Woody Harrelson does yet another stand up job as a crazy guy). It’s not the far-fetched concept of the world being wiped out, which is a bet of a stretch even by sci-fi writer standards. It’s not the mostly well put together special effects. It turns out that I enjoyed it because I really liked the characters and how they interacted with each other. It was also the many poignant parts during the film where disaster was streaking and it reached out to touch me.

Now the only problem I’ve got is that I feel inspired by it. It’s given me half baked ideas of things I want to try and write about. The last time this happened it was Independence Day with Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith back in the early 90’s. I turned that into a book that was published last December (Human Nature (don’t mind the rather ghastly looking girl on the cover, the model must have done her own make up or something). Here’s to hoping whatever I decide to do with this gem doesn’t take me ten plus years to put out!

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