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Underwater Adventures

More money spent on the aquarium today (around $120 I think, taking me up to a little over $1000). My water levels are great and the fish are doing good, so we figured why not? Added a flame angel, five more blue legged hermit crabs, two more Mexican turbo snails, and a rock loaded with green / brown mushrooms (aka disc anemonies).

I need better lighting and that is the next step. I’d hoped to find some today but the place I went didn’t have anything that would fit my tank. Looking at some dual T5 lighting setups. Another $160 into it, but it includes proper bulbs (normal and actinic) for fish and coral. Then we can look into some more corals – we’re interested in some toadstool leathers to start with, who knows what else. No more fish though (might need a few more invertebrates though, my clean up crew is sufficient for now).

I also rigged up the powerheads to provide an alternating water flow with some cheap timers. So far so good, plus it provides a decent change up to the flow. The tank looks good, I’m enjoying it even if it is slowly bleeding me dry. Can’t wait to get a bigger tank in a few years – say a 125 or larger gallon one!

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