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A different type of review

I wrote this up this morning for a product I am a firm believer in. No, no kickbacks coming my way. It’s just something that plainly illustrates not only some common sense principles that we often look over, but also helps people new to the exercise and dieting lifestyle to cut through the hype and the crap. Sure it costs some money to buy it, but it’s also saved me ten times as much in helping me avoid buying worthless crap that doesn’t work. The success stories (mine and others) can be found here.

Will Brink’s Body Building Revealed are targeted at the more mainstream Body Building community. The concepts covered within are not complex nor advanced – they can be of benefit to anyone from a beginner to someone who has been lifting for years. I bought Body Building Revealed back when it was still called Muscle Building Nutrition, and have been a member of the forum and community for many years now. It helped me cut through the crap found online in so many places and saved me countless dollars in useless supplements and guides.

My story deviates from the typical one. I used the concepts found in Will’s books put muscle and strength on. I had already managed to lose over sixty pounds using exercise and diet control (concepts I found that Will had covered in the book, making me wish I had bought it nine months sooner). Over the course of a few years I built myself up both physically and educationally through the interaction on the Body Building Revealed forums and the key books themselves. I peaked at 230 pounds in 2009, where I competed in some powerlifting competitions in the state of Michigan and set records in the bench pressing and deadlifting competitions in the Son Light Power federation. At the end of 2009, while pushing myself too hard and too fast to be ready for another powerlifting meet early the next year, I suffered a severe injury – I separated my left pectoral from my humerus.

Between surgery and forced downtime, it was four months before I could visit a gym again. My doctor had insisted I not consider bench pressing again for at least another three months, and even then to never push for maximal effort lifting again. By this time I had come to identify and associate myself with being a powerlifter – to be told I could no longer do so was a major blow, yet I knew I had no one to blame except myself.

I turned back to the Body Building Revealed community, sharing my story and progress with them along the way. They were friends as much as people who shared a hobby. I put together my own personal therapy program using my own experience and the knowledge of the members and moderators, some of whom work in physical therapy or are practicing doctors. I did abide by the desire to not do any flat bench pressing until the seven months from my injury had passed, but I worked myself up slowly and carefully to try and recover as much as I could. In the process I had lost over fifteen pounds of muscle.

I’m two months into 2011 now, sixteen months after my injury. Following principles explained in Body Building Revealed I’ve built myself back up to 239 pounds. While my abs are not cut I can see the shadows of them without the aid of trick photography and photo editing so often found in before and after pictures posted on the Web. I just deadlifted 545 pounds earlier this week, getting back to within five pounds of my best competition lift, and likewise I have bench pressed 335 pounds. I still have a long ways to go to get my bench back – if ever, but I’m making progress and I feel confident that even if I don’t get there, Body Building Revealed has helped to give me the tools needed to guide my motivation in the right direction.

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