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Under Quarantine

Today’s mission: to acquire a 10 gallon tank, fill it with saltwater harvested from my aquarium, hook up a heater and a filter, then get my two surviving clownfish into it for medication / treatment. The main tank will recover from the ick and hopefully, so will the clowns. Although to be honest they’re in pretty bad shape and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make it.

But, with a QT set up any new fish I get (in several weeks) will have a place to hang out for a couple of weeks to insure they are infection free. In the meantime I can continue to work on the tank and introduce invertebrates and corals. New lights should be here Monday and I have a protein skimmer on order as well that should be here this coming week or early the next one.

Replacement fish? No more tangs. Two clowns (provided my current ones don’t survive), maybe a couple of damselfish, and a flame angel. Lawnmower blenny too. Come to think of it, the tank is too small for the flame angel I believe. As cool as they are, I’ll hold off until I’ve got a bigger tank down the road.

And after the QT tank is picked up and set up I’m off to the Arnold Classic for the weekend!

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