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Life goes on

I’m between meetings without enough time to launch into some problems, so why not a quick update here?

First the fish. The quarantine tank is running good. Maintaining about 78 degrees Fahrenheit with around 1.19 salinity (hyposalinity treatment). It was around 1.16 but I’m bringing it up to normal slowly after a week of initial exposure. Speaking of which, one of the clown fish did not make it, but the other is still swimming. It’s far from 100% but it is coming around and swimming strong throughout the day with the light on. Seems a little weak in the morning, but each morning is a little better for it.

Why a light on a QT tank? Because I had a spare one and the fish seems to like it. I received my quad light setup (complete with LED moon lighting at night, which looks really freaking cool) and love how it makes my display aquarium look. So I took one of the hoods I had been using with a single T8 50/50 white / actinic bulb and put it on the QT tank. Also tossed in a chunk of PVC for a hiding spot but the clownfish has ignored it completely so far. As for the white specs indicating ick, there’s only two or three left on it that I can see. I’m still medicating and plan on leaving it in there around 3 more weeks to make sure both that fish and my display tank are ich-less.

Other casualties are my astrea (astrid?) snails. Two down and the third is missing. I’ll probably replace them at some point, but I’m not too concerned. I think I lost a couple of hermit crabs too, but I had a lot of them. I’m not sure about my emerald crabs, they are hard to see at times, but I may get another one or two just to be safe. I’m also down two Mexican Turbo snails. C’est la vie – they tend to be rather bullish about knocking stuff over. I’ve got three left and I’ll supplement with some other snails (cerith maybe). My rock loaded full of mushrooms is down to two healthy ones, 1 half size one, 1 that has nearly fallen off, and another one that has been damaged but I think may pull through. I’ve also been doing daily 5% – 10% water changes to get the two days worth of medication out of the tank (the medication is what stressed out the corals and invertibrates).

I’m also waiting on both a protein skimmer and some filters to arrive. I’ve picked up from a guy I work with a top of the line DI / RO (reverse osmosis / de-ionization) filter, except it needs all the filters. Once those show up I’ll be putting in some crystal clear pure water. Hopefully have it by this weekend to insure my water changes are top shelf quality. I’m also planning on picking up some replacement critters (not fish, inverts) this weekend and possibly some more coral. I don’t see it as a rush to kill off more critters, since the ick does not faze them.

I’ve lost track of the money by now, but if I had to guess I’d say I’m closing in on $1500, or will be before this weekend is over.

Got another post to write up where I publicly embarrass my incredible wife, that will come later or another day. As a spoiler, it involves sharing with the world just how impressive she was when we went to the Arnold Classic last weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

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