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Explosive Lifting

I’ve been invited to write about another passion of mine – weightlifting. Or more specifically, lifting heavy ass weights. Okay, the official title of the section is explosive lifting, but what that means is generating as much force as possible. It’s not a one time thing, but rather a recurring blog-like setup on a place called Examiner.com.

I did some research first before plunging in blindly. Examiner’s had some bad vibes from people who used to write for them or refuse to write for them. They cite problems with being paid and questionable shady reporting, among other things. I have little experience thus far but my initial impression is that these people with problems did not read the clear and up front email distributed by Examiner in the first place. It states how their pricing model works, and they also indicate that it is not going to generate the kind of money to allow a person to quit their day job. As time goes on and I gain more experience with Examiner I’ll clearly develop my own opinion, but thus far I have nothing to complain about and no expectations.

In the meantime, it gives me a venue to write about something I feel passionate about – power lifting. My hopes is that it might do some people good, allowing them to see the benefits it can bring and hopefully dispel some misconceptions or myths about weight lifting in general. Or, if nothing else, make people think and question a few things. And of course the more I can get my name out there in a writing related venue, the better the opportunity for me to draw more attention to my books.

So here’s the link to the first article – I’ll be sure to cross post links to the new ones as they arrive as well: http://www.examiner.com/explosive-training-in-youngstown/where-man-and-mythology-meet.

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