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3 Minutes of fame

Okay, so it wasn’t really fame. Turns out it wasn’t really much of anything. That Examiner thing, I’ve decided, is not for me. Oh sure, maybe it’ll work for some people but I’m really not interested anymore.

I put together a brief little article today for it and published it, but then was immediately shot down by the content reviewers because it wasn’t “local” enough. And I was not allowed to resubmit it. The prior article (initial one) I posted also had nothing local in it, yet it was accepted. WTF?

Still I’m not ranting at all. I’m ambivalent mostly. The more articles I tried to look at on there, as well as my own limited experience and feedback I’ve received indicates that this place does not give a damn about people writing articles or helping others out. It’s not even an online yellow pages like device. Instead it seems far more like a legalized spam machine. Sure, it’s not sending out email to people annoying the heck out of them, but it is exposing any unwary travelers to tons of advertisements that have little or no bearing to anything practical or useful. The best button to click, in fact, is the little ‘X’ in the upper right corner.

So Examiner it what it is. A cash generating machine for the owners with a pittance paid to the “content” providers. Yes, those words drip with sarcasm. No real complaints on my end and heck, for somebody who’s into reporting local area “stuff” it might even be worth it. That ain’t my thing though, sorry to say.

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