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Let’s Be Clear On This…

Obama did not kill Osama Bin Laden… Gee, ya think? You mean he didn’t go through Navy SEAL training and personally squeeze off the rounds from a silenced MP5 that ended Osama Bin Laden’s life? What could he possible have been doing that was more important than that? He obviously explained to the world that it was by his hand that the terrorist was killed, after all.

Okay, that’s enough sarcasm. And yes, sarcasm in the extreme it was. I see on Facebook 25% or more of the people posting are putting this incredibly ignorant status up about Obama not killing him and how it was not an Obama victory but an American victory. After all, Obama was trying to keep our troops from getting paid, right? Wrong.

I have family and friends in the military. I used to be in the military. At no point were the people putting their lives in danger at risk of not being paid for it. That was explained clearly to them before the budget crisis came to a head. Naturally the media doesn’t want the public to know that – where’s the story in that?

Now let’s talk about victory. An American victory? Only in the sense that the CIA and the Navy SEALs were directly responsible for the actions that led to this victory. Victory, however, is a hollow term. More people are dead because of this ignorance and intentional misinformation. I’m referring to the doctrine of hatred followed by al Qaeda. It is a sad state of affairs in the world if the only way to prevent violence is through the use of violence. My mother was wrong, violence does solve problems, though it is never a good or preferable solution. For the record I am ecstatic that the threat he represented is gone – but I am fearful of the vacuum left behind and what might fill it.

So why the ballbusting on Obama? Obama focused the military and CIA on going after Bin Laden, hard to believe he should get any credit for that. But let’s put that aside. As an important disclaimer I want to point out that I did not vote for Obama. Do I think he’s doing a good job? Beats the hell out of me. I’m not qualified to know if he’s doing good or not. I’ll vehemently argue that less than 1% of the people who read this blog (either now or in the future) will be qualified to make that call. Is he doing everything he can to do the job to the best of his ability? Yes, absolutely. Even his staunchest opponents will agree that he’s trying as hard as he can.

So again, why cut the guy’s ankles off? It reminds me of the lack of support America showed for our troops in Vietnam and Korea. They did the best they could and were hamstrung by the system we allow to exist. Does that mean they don’t deserve our support? Fuck no! We’ve learned a shameful lesson from those days when our soldiers were spurned. Why should Obama be the subject of condescension by couch-critics for trying to do a job to the best of his beliefs and ability in spite of the obstacles put in his way by the very system we allow to exist? Or was putting Obama in office another mistake the American people have made and allowed to persist?

Food for thought. I don’t have the answers and I’m not qualified to offer expert opinions. An excellent opportunity for debate, even if virtually everyone I know is similarly unqualified in the area of running a country. I only ask that an attempt be made to limit the spreading of misinformation and ignorance.

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