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Voidhawk – Redemption is gold!

I called a friend a Public Relations Whore today, then decided to shorten it to simply PRW for ease of use. I’m a guy, we do that. It’s called efficiency, which is ironic since it would be more efficient to just call it lazy.

So why would I label her with PRW? Well she’s got some pretty rocking sales going on this month. I’m very happy for her, and more than a little interested in how I can follow suit (although to be fair, I seem to have a rush of sales myself on Kindle – watch out John Locke, I’ve got your number!).

Even more important, and salient to the subject of this post, I just released Voidhawk – Redemption! Sadly one of my distribution channels is broken, so thus far it’s not as available as I’d like it to be. I’ll be making it more available as days pass, but until then it can be found at Novel Concept Publishing or via the Kindle store in a couple of days. I’ll send out an update as soon as the other channels become available as well (including Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, Sony, Kobo, etc.).

So what’s it about and who cares? Well Voidhawk – Redemption follows the adventures of Rosh, one of the primary characters from the first two Voidhawk books. Here’s the blurb off the back of the book:

“Having left the ship and crew behind, Rosh has spent years alone in the void, working for the highest bidder. Plagued by memories of his former friends, lessons learned, and loves lost the cursed warrior struggles to find a purpose for his enduring existence.

Stumbling into a plot to usurp a throne, Rosh inadvertently becomes the master of a powerful demoness. Unable to rid himself of her for fear of what she might do to the rest of the world, Rosh is forced to bring her with him and attempt to teach her the difference between right and wrong. The irony of having been on the receiving end of those same lessons himself not so long ago is not lost on him.

As the impossible happens and the demoness seeks to learn new ways to please her Master, Rosh’es inner demons prove to be no less a threat. Before the warrior is ready a new danger awaits on a battlefield he has spent his entire life avoiding.”

Two items of note: the first is that the cover art was done by A.J. McLain and, I have to say, I’m damned impressed with everything he turns out for me. Sure, I poke and prod him to the point where he probably has ground most of his molars away, but there’s no denying the man can make a pretty picture! The other item is that this book is the third in the Voidhawk series, but because of its solitary nature the first two need not have been read beforehand.

To further pimp Andy out, here’s the cover of the book:

Voidhawk - Redemption cover art, by A.J. McLain

Voidhawk - Redemption

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