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Embarassing Moment

I’ve been busting my butt this weekend trying to get a lot of work done. I start my next MBA class tomorrow and I really wanted to accomplish as much as possible with Novel Concept Publishing; and my own writing / marketing. To a surprising degree, I was successful.

I’ve got NCP set up to distribute to PubIt, which is the site that takes submissions for Barnes and Noble. Only made one typo too (sigh). I loaded myself up on a new service called Wattpad where I can list samples of all my stuff, including links to where the full versions can be found. Wattpad is the leading mobile ereader app, or so I’m told. Heck, I even put up one story (Voices) for free on it, with more short stories sure to follow when I get a minute.

So what’s embarrassing? Did I not make it to the bathroom in time? Did I use the wrong fork at lunch? No, nothing like that, it’s a matter of pride. I’ve got to figure this crazy thing called Twitter out if I want to properly broadcast my stuff and get people checking it out in large quantities. But alas, I know nothing of it and I feel like an idiot. Me, the IT Manager / computer guy / web developer who doesn’t know jack about how to tweet. Closest I’ve come to a tweet was when I hunted birds as a kid with a pellet gun. I was a damn good shot too, for the record.

So for anyone who happens to be interested in Twitter, let me know what I should be doing with it. Follow me or let me follow you or we could follow each other I guess – so long as it doesn’t end up in some disturbing circle jerk. I promise, in due time, to be using Twitter to unwittingly harass people as much as possible.

Ooh, on a positive note, I happened across Nathan Fillion on Twitter and hell yeah, I’m following Captain Mal! Think I’ve liked most everything I’ve seen him in but like the true Browncoats out there, he’ll always be Captain Mal to me.

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  1. November 1, 2011 at 12:47

    Nice to meet you on Twitter, Jason. I appreciate the follow on @Fey1IsleofSkye. To respond to your query here, Twitter, as you no doubt know, is a fantastic platform for creative types, especially writers. Unfortunately, however, there are a large portion of users who abuse it. This seems to be especially true of self-published writers, who feel compelled to focus on self promotion. My advice to you would be to remember that Twitter is not a trade show, but a social media hub of connection and communication.

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