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Less Cushion for Pushin’

As the subject clearly implies, this is about me being six weeks into losing weight and my performance in the gym. If you thought it was anything else then shame on you.

Six weeks in and the scale this morning read at 221.5. Calipers agree I’m down to around 10% bodyfat, which is a loss of 20 pounds in six weeks. I’m sure it hasn’t all been fat – that would be either miraculous or the result of some really good (and legally unavailable) drugs. In spite of that, my progress in the gym has not suffered.

Sure, being on reduced calories and working out has its challenges and yes, suffering is involved, but My reps and / or weights have increased on the exercises instead of decreased. For low volume and high intensity that’s possible due to improved CNS recruitment (a trained nervous system can recruit more muscle fibers; more muscle fibers means more power). Thing is, I’ve been lifting light and going for more sets and reps (typically a 4 sets x 6 – 8 reps scheme). That can have something to do with the central nervous system, but it’s often the result of increased muscle mass / size. On a diet, that’s unusual – unless it involves training in a way the body is not accustomed to.

I’ve spent the last few years training high intensity, so shaking things up like this definitely threw my body for a loop. Now I’m starting to stagnate though, so it’s time to change it up. This was a great experiment though, and something that I learned from . It also helps to cement my position that changing one’s body is entirely in the hands of the owner of said body. The tricky part is avoiding the idiot trainers and bullshit gimmick supplements – both of which outnumber their beneficial counterparts at least 3 : 1. And of course the media steers people in the wrong direction most of the time as well – there’s no press or controversy to be had in telling people they need to work hard and be dedicated.

I’m not done yet though – I’ve got 4 – 8 more weeks of cutting remaining, my goal is to get down to the 8% bodyfat range. I’ve seen the shadows many times so I know I’ve got abs, I just want to see them up close and personal this time. It will be a real mental struggle for me to drop below 220lbs, and it’s not about food it’s about the self-image I’ve developed over the years of seeing myself as a bigger guy.

On the other hand, dropping down that low puts me in an awesome anabolic state when I upp the calories again – should be able to put on some great muscle to regain my “big guy” mental status!

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