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Holiday Weekend Productivity

It’s been an interesting holiday weekend. On the one hand I’ve got a four year old who clearly informed us last night after a particularly loud firework that it, “scared the hell out of her.” Yes, shame on her for using such language and we corrected her on it, but it was a difficult thing to do, considering the amount of laughter we had to swallow.

Then there’s my wife and her fascination with the Casey Anthony trial. I’ve been eavesdropping because it’s impossible not to when she’s right beside me. My opinion is that she’s deserving of a belly wound and then being dumped about 350 miles off the Florida coast, but I’d like her to be tied to the prosecuting attorney as well. An interesting situation, to be sure. I don’t envy the jurors for what they have to decide based on what they feel is the truth versus what has been proven.

Casey Anthony awaiting "justice"

Casey Anythony


Great White Shark

Great White Shark


Smiley Face


But little of that is productive, at least for me. I’ve managed to finish the first part of a anthology of sci-fi stories I’m writing centered around some space-based stuff. Tentatively I’m titling it: Vitalis. Thus far I’ve finished two parts, 1 and 4 (don’t ask). The first part was intended to be around 10k (they all were), but it ended up at 30k words. The fourth part is 13k, still longer but not quite as bad. Part two is next.

And outside of that I’ve made a slew of website updates. Redesigned my personal website, for example, and even made some bug fixes and changes to the Novel Concept Publishing website. Still a little more work to do, but I’m hoping to get that done this afternoon.

Oh yeah, had to do some school work this weekend too, then there’s me continuing the learning curve on marketing, twittering, and trying to weasel my way into doing some sort of blog tour or something. Matter of fact, if anybody happens to be interested in swapping blog space for interviews, reviews, random nonsense, or anything related please let me know! I can be reached at jason@booksbyjason.com.

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