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Odd Moments in Life

Ran into a wall at work today so we decided to reconvene tomorrow after our critical path is opened up again. My department is networking our assembly line and taking it from wireless to wired. That makes it faster and increases our uptime. Wins all around – but we needed the maintenance dept to mount a switch cabinet this afternoon.

So I’m home now and, after doing some homework, I’m idly curious as to the outcome of this Casey Anthony trial. Mind you I wouldn’t have cared much for it at all if my wife had not gotten sucked into watching it every day for several days now. I figure this sort of thing happens far more often than it should (for the record it should happen 0 times), so why is this piece of trash worth watching more than anybody else? No good answer for that, aside from the media and public opinion is fickle.

The oddness of this moment isn’t the trial or the work, it’s that I’m home alone. The kids and my wife are off on a play date. For the record, the kids are the ones playing with their friends. My idea of a play date involves only my wife and I and, if I were to describe it in detail, it would certainly raise this blog to an adult only rating.

So here I am, sitting alone. It’s weird. I’ve got tons of things to do, it’s just the silence and lack of additional stimulus (e.g. requests for my attention to watch a fashion show, a ballerina dance, a somersault, etc.) that has me a little light headed.

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