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The destination or the journey

It’s often said that half the fun is getting there. Or the fun is in the chase. Well, I’m here to say that the journey of cutting to get leaner is not a pleasant experience. The destination is a far happier and better place to be.

The Journey or The destination


With that said I have hit the 20 pound mark for weight loss. Based on the daily records I kept, I’ve broken the 10% bodyfat barrier and am currently around 9.5%. I noticed at the gym last night while working out that I look the same size or larger than I was when I started all this, which is funny. Sadly it takes some extra blood rushing through the muscles to really get this look, whereas being a little heavier makes it look natural. Then again being heavier might look bigger with clothes on, but with bare arms or chest, the aesthetic value decreases rapidly.

But I’m not done yet! I’m shooting for 8% or lower this time around. I won’t go beneath 200 pounds. Heck, I may not make it beneath 210 before I start eating drywall, but I’ll do what I must!

It goes without saying that I am SOOOO looking forward to bulking back up a little. Hope to stay under 10% when I do it, which may make it a slower bulk than is typical.

In the meantime, I continue to move heavy weights a dangerous number of times. Last night it was benching 275 for 6 – 7 reps (4 sets worth) on a declined bench press. Afterwards I finally found a station that I could break out an often unused exercise – the reverse hyper.

The reverse hyper was made famous by Louie Simmons, a beast of man who runs the Westside Barbell in Akron, OH. He used it to do therapy on his back after he screwed it up (broken vertebrae or damage to a couple of discs, I don’t remember the details) to recover and go on to squat an amazing amount of weight (over 800lbs)…and all at the tender young age of 51!

Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell owner and Reverse Hyper creator


Anyhow, I took a station set up for preacher or scott curls. I took the curl bar off and faced it in the opposite direction it was intended for. I used a chain to tie some weights between my ankles then leaned against the pad and grabbed on to the seat with my arms to stabilize myself. Bent over, in a rather compromising position, I proceeded to raise my legs until they were parallel to the floor and pointing straight out behind me, weights and all. One of the guys working there had no clue what I was doing and watched me, then admitted it looked pretty cool. I explained how it decompresses the spine while allowing the spinal erectors, glutes, and hamstrings to get a killer workout and he admitted he was going to have to try it.

It beats the hell out of back extensions, that’s for sure! Safer than almost any other lower back exercise too. The images below give you an idea of how it’s done. Disregard any resemblance the pics may have to a fully grown man getting amorous with a medicine ball…

Reverse Hyper starting position Reverse Hyper fully extended

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