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Yeah, I’m going there…

I got involved in the Casey Anthony trial thank to my wife watching it on her computer. The fateful day of the verdict she was absent – a play date for our kids with other kids. Knowing how wrapped up she was in it, I notified her of the pending disclosure. Excuse me, I attempted to notify her – my text message went unseen. So I called her, but went to voice mail. Undaunted I tried again a few minutes later, and was denied. So I dug deep to prove my devotion to her – I hunted down her friends phone number and called her phone…and left a message on her voice mail. I don’t blame her for not answering – I try not to answer when strange men call me either, and I happen to know first hand I’m a very strange man!

A few moments later I got word from her that she was turning the TV on to watch it, then she’d be coming back home where I was. When she walked in the door she was on the phone with someone else, all but spitting and sputtering about the verdict. Clearly one of the least favorable in quite some time, if ever. When she got off the phone and calmed down, I had my chance to explain what happened.

The jury, to my surprise, put emotion aside and weighed the case on what evidence and facts were actually proven. As juror number three was recently reported to have said they did not say she was innocent, only that the prosecution’s case was not proven by a long shot.

What took place in that courtroom, based upon what I saw of the proceedings, was one of the three rings involved in a circus. I was reminded of a very poorly orchestrated attempt at repeating the performance of Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men. Doubly impossible when the accused did not take the stand. Duh.

The other rings? Well one was the contradictory and unbalanced behavior of the Anthony family. What the hell were they thinking / doing? Throughout, not just during the trial. They’re a psychological thesis paper just waiting to happen!

And the third ring belongs to the police, including the investigators and forensic “experts” on the case. The entire case was a study in incompetence.

So does Casey Anthony deserve to go free? No, she deserves a roll of duct tape and a deep puddle of water. For the record I’d feel that way on principle, whether she had anything to do with her daughter’s demise or not.

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  1. Cassi
    July 6, 2011 at 20:41

    HA! I make it a habit to answer my phone when it rings…even if the number is one I don’t recognize. However, it was on the charger and inside the house! But your devotion didn’t go unnoticed! I do agree it was a three ring circus. The woman was not innocent by ANY stretch of the word… but the prosecution wasn’t prepared fully. And they only have themselves to blame for that.

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