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A Clown Named Bubbles

Yesterday was a long day. The plan was to show up at work at 6am, test the changes made to the production line over the last two weeks during shutdown, then head off to a golf outing (also work-sponsored). What really happened was eleven hours later I left work feeling reasonably satisfied we’d resolved the problems and that we could start up successfully on Sunday night.

I came home hungry, exhausted, and still a little angry at how the day had unfolded. We had house guests arrive before I made it home for the weekend – which I should stress to admit was not a problem at all for me – then I got wrapped up in doing the necessary evening events that keep the kids and wife happy. The saying that a happy wife = a happy life remains true, after all!

During all this I was stressing a little that I had not launched hardly any tweets about my writing and publishing and other activities. So I tried to slip out personal quips as the evening unfolded. My favorite, and the one that had everyone around the table laughing explosively, was when I mentioned that I’d just tweeted “Blowing bubbles by the campfire. No, nobody invited a clown.” If you tie it into the subject and realize how late it was by then, you might understand why it was suddenly so funny. Or you might be offended, especially if you’re a clown.

Bubbles the clown

Bubbles the clown doesn't seem amused

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