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What to do when there is no box.

I was asked recently to write up a guest blog post for a place called Prinstsasia.com by Sherri Helms, the Senior Executive of Web Marketing over there. There was virtually no guidance given on what to blog about, so I was presented with a blank page. Ironically, that’s a lot harder than you might think it is! Typically we, as humans, like to have a frame of reference. We’re problem solvers, but without the problem we tend to wander. It’s not about thinking outside of the box, it’s about not having a box in the firstplace! I wonder what Shroedinger would have done with his cats in that environment…

So anyhow, I dug through some stuff I had and found something I’d written to myself a while ago where I answered some basic questions about why I wanted to write. I read through it and found the tiny spark of inspiration I needed. What followed was me writing about why writer’s write. Or at least why it is that I write. It’s not about the money – although I dearly hope someday the money angle begins to play a part in it. I am seeing better sales but it’s coming at a nearly glacial pace, rather than by leaps and bounds. I remain undaunted – success by hard work is all I know. I wouldn’t mind sampling a few other types of success, for the record, but until such time I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

So anyhow, to read the blog head on over to this link. It’s entitled “Have you ever inspired someone.”


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