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A pre-release review teaser for Ice Princess

One of my pre-release reviewers sent me in her review for Ice Princess last night. I thought I’d keep it until I was ready to put the book out there but then I realized, why wait? Ice Princess is ready to go with the exception of cover art… so this gives people a chance to rush out and pick up the prequel, Wanted, to get ready for it!

Cover Wanted - PubIt



And here’s the review:

After reading the book “Wanted” by Jason Halstead, I was left wondering what was next for many of the characters. So I was excited to see that the author had written a sequel called “Ice Princess.” “Ice Princess” picks up about a year after “Wanted” ends, continuing the storyline with the original characters and adding some intriguing new ones to the mix. The author surprised me with a couple of twists and turns that I didn’t expect. The story moves quickly and kept me interested. Unlike some sci-fi authors who create settings that are so far-fetched they aren’t believable, Halstead writes about a future world that is very real and plausible. The author does an excellent job of exploring how far people will go to ensure their own survival. I thoroughly enjoyed “Ice Princess” and hope the author continues with a 3rd installment!

-K. Dawe

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