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Vacation Blogging

Day 2 of vacation, and a rough one at that. I woke up, got out of the tent (yeah, a tent), got a campfire started and put the coffee pot on. Then the rain started. But it wasn’t beating me! I stood over the fire pit with an umbrella, blinded and hacking to protect my precious flames. Quarter hour later, when it really opened up, I surrendered and returned to the tent only to find a new battle needed to be fought against the leaks.

Now, some fourteen hours later, the skies are cloudless and beautiful. Weather.com still tells a tale of isolated thunderstorms but the skies above me sing a song of peace and tranquility. Or mother nature will be a bitch and wait until we fall asleep to unleash her wickedness.

In the meantime, things are going okay. If anyone was ever to ask me if they should take a two year old camping I’d laugh in their face and tell them they were crazy or possibly lacking some important grey matter. That’s in hindsight, mind you. Although, having said that, my two year old is finally calming down and getting over the excitement of everything to be more enjoyable. Patience, it seems, is winning out.

Oh, another couple of camping lessons – don’t split firewood in open toed sandals (near miss). Second lesson, don’t add wood to the fire in open toed sandals (not a miss).

The coffee? Yeah, 12 hours later I finally got it percolated and I must say it might very well be the finest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. Might be partially due to the taste of delayed victory.

In other news, I received a message from someone new on Twitter that is following me. His twitter name is @ashenclawrealm and he started following my blog out of either hopes I’d return the favor or because he enjoys my twisted sense of humor. In either case, I checked his out and found it equally interesting and thought provoking. If you’re into fantasy or useless trivia like I am, here’s the link to look into it: http://eyeonashenclaw.blogspot.com/

He’s also got a book out: “Covenant of the Faceless Knights” (by Gary F. Vanucci), available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I don’t readily have those links available but they can be found at his blog. Oh, I haven’t read or reviewed it yet either, but his blogs are well written so that bodes well!

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  1. Gary V
    July 31, 2011 at 21:58

    As far as camping goes, I am not an outdoors-man, but respect those who try it! Also, I agree that men should never do manly things in sandals…ever.

    Also, thanks for the plug! I feel that if I can get people to look at my stuff, they will be pleasantly surprised at the quality. I hope…*crosses fingers*

    Good luck in the coming storms and I hope that your coffee is brewed to perfection!

    • July 31, 2011 at 22:18

      I’ve disliked sandals most of my life. I let my wife talk me into a pair recently as a convenient means of throwing something on my feet to take care of a quick outdoor task (trash, mail, etc.). Then she tells me, “You CANNOT wear socks with sandals!” Why not? Damn things are too loose without them. Sheesh.

      For the record, I don’t get people with foot fetishes. Socks and shoes, all the time. Oh sure, I can admire some nice thigh highs with some stiletto heels every day of the week, but that’s a matter of accessorizing, not an appreciation of feet.

  2. BigJohn
    July 31, 2011 at 22:29

    why are you blogging while camping?

    • July 31, 2011 at 22:46

      Many possibilities! 1) I’m a multi-tasking mofo! 2) The kids are asleep and Dawn was in the showers (I checked, she wouldn’t let me join her), 3) I’m doing my best to market myself every chance I get and this was an opportunity to help myself and somebody else out (aka Karma).

      Wireless Internet at the campground AND a backup Verizon 4g broadband card – there’s no stopping me! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA

      Sorry, it’s been a long day.

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