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The Concept of Debt

The biggest news recently seems to be about the debt deal fighting its way up capital hill. Obama is trying for a compromise and people are taking shots at him from right and left for it. Whether he’s right or wrong, what remains the same is that everybody else is too damn stubborn and, arguably, lacking knowledge / intelligence / common sense necessary to make a hard decision to get us through. So instead they prolong it until the next time around, when somebody else can deal with it. Attaboys.

Capitalism and democracy is a great idea on paper. Heck, it’s a potentially great system of governing in practice too – but it requires people of substance and spine to be in the key positions. Like him or not, Obama seems to be one of the few people in those key positions that has a spine these days and everybody else just wants to be on their version of the winning team so they can insure reelection. Oh sure, Obama does some of that too when he can, but he also seems to be trying to tackle the real issues as much as he people around him will let him. And once again for the record I am not an Obama supporter. I do offer him the respect I feel he’s earned though, even if I don’t necessarily like or agree with some of the things he supports or does.

I grew up having it instilled in me that being in debt is a bad thing. Not financial debt so much as owing somebody for just about anything. Not to mention it really sucks when you lose out on a nice weekend because you owe somebody a favor and end up obligated to help them move!

On the other hand, never asking for help and expecting the same of others has been a social problem for me. It’s caused stress in relationships in the past and helped make me a bit of an outsider. So the trick then is to find a happy medium, if such a thing can be found. As much of a personal quest as that might be, I think that happy medium could also be applied up the hill.

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