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More Fish Stuff

My wife insisted I do some more work on the fish tank, after it’s set idle for a few months. Well, idle but successful, I should add. In the world of reef aquariums successful = nothing is dying.

So I ordered some new lights for it – a necessary improvement if I wanted to do much of anything more with it. I had a terrible assortment of 18w bulbs (2) with a lighting unit that provided 72 watts via a white and an actinic bulb. All told, some pretty minimal lighting and it wasn’t very pretty. Not anymore! Next week I’ll have 608 watt unit in place, a pair of 250w metal halides plus two 54watt actinic blue T5 HO bulbs. There’s some blue LED moon lights in it too.

That’s just the beginning though. To boost the tanks enjoyment factor I also picked up a Coral Beauty, a Blood Red Shrimp, and a Blue Tang (you know, Dori). The Tang is in the hospital tank in the basement – tangs and ich scare the bejeezus out of me and I don’t want to go through that again. Added several coral frags as well. Orange Zoanthids, Daisy Polyps, Green Button Polyps, a Kenya Tree, and a Hammer.

75 Gallon Saltwater Reef tank

75 Gallon Saltwater Reef tank

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