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Pre-Release Driving Me Crazy!

Short post tonight, but bear with me. I’m going crazy now that the reviews from my ARCs for Ice Princess are coming in (ARC – Advanced Reading Copy, a pre-release version used to get reviews). Two reviews in so far… and I’ll leak a tiny snippet of them.


Review 1: “The author surprised me with a couple of twists and turns that I didn’t expect. The story moves quickly and kept me interested. Unlike some sci-fi authors who create settings that are so far-fetched they aren’t believable, Halstead writes about a future world that is very real and plausible. The author does an excellent job of exploring how far people will go to ensure their own survival. I thoroughly enjoyed “Ice Princess” and hope the author continues with a 3rd installment!”

Review 2: “This is a complex story, with lots of back-story that is revealed throughout the process. The truly amazing thing is how much of a story Jason Halstead fits into a novella of this length – it was very impressive!…I highly recommend this very interesting, post-apocalyptic story of the ties that a person develops between family and friends, and the creation of those ties.”


Cover art can’t come fast enough..

Until then, feel free to check out Wanted, the prequel to Ice Princess or browse for one of my other books at http://www.booksbyjason.com

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