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Fighting the World

Yesterday was an example of Murphy’s Law. The day started out a little shaky, but seemed to be okay, then it just went to pieces throughout. Even involved a few hours spent at work flirting with a complete server meltdown of my ERP server. If you don’t know what that means it’s okay – suffice to say it’s critical for an automotive (or many other) business to run for more than a few hours. Everything turned out more-or-less fine though.

So late last night seeking some purely thoughtless mind-candy I watched Sucker Punch. The movie with Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, and Scott Glen in it. Probably a few other people as well, but I’ve dropped enough names. I had no idea what it was about by this time – I’d forgotten all the ads and marketing crap about it. To say I was confused and then surprised would be an understatement.

First off, I found the movie very well put together, even if I’m normally not into graphic novel and goth style art. It helped that there are five beautiful girls (often more) running around in trashy outfits the entire time, I’ll admit. For the record they did dress trashy, but it was tastefully done. Weird, I know.

Even without what made this movie special it could have been a good movie. Touching, even, if taken in the right direction. Instead they went into some daydream sequences that portrayed the main character (Babydoll, played by Emily Browning) as an ass-kicking super-secret-agent that was virtually unstoppable. The other girls help her out in these daydreams – but the weird part is that the daydreams are sort of like internal struggles the characters are having while their real-world bodies are trying to complete another task (gather items to escape from a place they are trapped in).

Great action sequences in a Matrix-esque style. Incredible special effects as well, from steam powered undead soldiers to a dragon who’s intent on having Babydoll flambe for lunch. I can’t say much more on them, other than to say the choreography was neat and the girls did a great job being sexy and dangerous.

All of the above was neat about he movie, but it didn’t make it stand out to me enough to write up this review of it. There was a plot twist at the end that caught me off guard but didn’t really surprise me. I’m not convinced it was necessary, in fact. Another twist shortly thereafter really surprised me and, I’ll admit, made me a little sad to see. Sucker Punch was an apt title by the time the movie ended.

Scott Glen comes close a few times to taking a bath in a tub of melted cheese (not literally) with his performance – but that’s what his character is supposed to do. He does a great job and it makes even more sense at the end. The words of wisdom he imparts are humorous and useful. It’s the message of the movie that really rung true with me though. A message about how important it is to fight.

I’m not suggesting bullying or starting up a fight club (even if you can’t talk about it) in your basement. The message is that everybody has choices and what you make of your life is entirely up to you. Even in a situation where you end up trapped in a mental hospital that’s a front for a whorehouse you have choices.

And yeah, it gave me some story ideas as well. Just about everything does these days. We’ll see what, if anything, comes of it.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Movie Poster

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