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Why Twitter Rocks or On The Fly Cover Art

I had a few moments of peace today and I wondered how I could ruin it. Well I just recently finished writing the rough draft for my second part of Vitalis so I thought, why not work on the cover for it?

Book 1 of the Vitalis series, by Jason Halstead

Book 1 of the Vitalis series, by Jason Halstead

Many thoughts came to mind, most unreasonable or way beyond my ability. Ultimately I decided to see if I could find a critter that is featured in the novella. To risk a minor spoiler, said critter is a combination of a dinosaur, a bird, and a gorilla or feline. Not a chimera, per se, but an alien critter that developed thusly. Oh, and the characters call it a “chickasaurus”. Yeah, you’re curious now, even if it’s only to understand just how off my rocker I really am!

So anyhow, I’m looking for this critter online, hoping for some way to either find a free pic that was similar or something I could photoshop together. I ran out of time quickly without any luck. So I posted on Twitter that I was looking for a free pic of a cross between x, y, and z.

Almost immediately I got a response from a guy by the name of @joekawano on Twitter. He threw something together and offered it up to me. It was clearly an amalgamation and cartoonish, but it was amazing and cool. No, it doesn’t fit what I’m looking for but that doesn’t detract from the plain coolness of the out-of-the-blue situation. I mentioned I was just kind of venting a little and he went another step to actually throw together a sample cover for me with a silhouette of the “monster” in question. Here’s his cover:

T-rex / Chicken / Gorilla

Cover concept by @joekawano

It’s wrong in many ways, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that I thought this was downright cool and entertaining. Joe thought this was for Voidhawk, not a new series, and again the creature just doesn’t work for me. It’s still a pretty cool image and offering though, and I wanted to make sure I drew as much attention to Joe’s work as I could as a way of saying thank you for both his offer and the entertainment I got out of the process.

So if you’re on Twitter give this guy a follow and a shout! @joekawano

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