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Surprised by a Sleeper

“Humans have advanced to span multiple solar systems, diminish the effects of aging, and conquer the human genome, yet their cruelty towards their own kind binds them to the stone age. The rim worlds are the outer solar systems for human civilization. Men and women earn their living with their wits and talents, although treachery often nets a bonus.

The Rented Mule is a ship with a crew seeking to earn an honest living in a realm of dishonesty. No stranger to trouble, they know the unwritten rules of the trade and have avoided being claimed as “salvage” for many years.

On a routine transport mission the Mule has to struggle with not only the usual dangers of traveling through rim systems, but also a new navigator with a troubled past and a romantic interest in the ship’s engineer.

Plagued by threats from without and within, the crew’s only hope when the Mule suffers catastrophic damage may be an uncharted planet. The fate of the Rented Mule and crew is in the hands of the neophyte navigator.”

Book 1 of the Vitalis series, by Jason Halstead

Book 1 of the Vitalis series, by Jason Halstead

You’ve just read the blurb for Vitalis – New Beginnings. This is the first of a new multi-part series of science fiction books. The first one rings in as a full size book to introduce the setting. It also spins a heck of a tale that involves some romance, some intrigue, some good old fashioned sci-fi fun, and enough action to satisfy every need.

The surprise behind this was that I came across the idea to write it almost on a whim. Having done so, I had an opportunity to try to put together some cover art. After a few hours of getting nowhere it suddenly snapped together for me. So then I sent it off to an editor friend / colleague and forgot about it. Ten days later it came back with surprisingly few edits.

Well, I’m out of reasons to put it off so come September 1st, Vitalis part 1, New Beginnings, will be available on the Kindle, Nook, and all the other places. Links to follow when available!

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  1. August 28, 2011 at 19:30

    That is awesome, and will keep an eye out for it.

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