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Objects in Motion Tend to Get Stuff Done!

Sometimes the problem isn’t hitting n many words in a day, sometimes the problem is just getting started. Once the creative juices have been stimulated with a proper back rub and maybe a little grammatical foreplay they start to flow and things move along rather nicely. The problem is getting in the mood for some people. And no, it’s not specific to one gender or another – we all suffer a lack of motivation from time to time.

I’ve accomplished a few tasks this morning that seemed daunting, for example. Whipping up a preliminary action item report with some broad timelines to respond to an audit from our customer was not a task I looked forward to, but it was something I’d promised. So I did it, and then I moved on to a few other necessary but burdensome items. Those are done too, and now I’m feeling completely drained.

I start my final class for my MBA today, you see, and that involves writing up a capstone project. It’s a research project more commonly referred to as a thesis. I was fine with it until I saw the minimum length is 45 pages – not including title, table of contents, or appendixes. What’s 45 pages to a guy who writes novels in the hopes of one day making a living at it? I’ll tell you what it is, it’s ridiculous.

In an age where being business is done by being concise and hitting our distracted target markets with something fast and easy to generate traction, writing something loquacious like this is preposterous. I view it as one more example of how academia struggles to push itself into obsolescence.

So if I’ve got so much work to do, why the hell am I writing this? Refer to the topic. I’d stalled and this was my way of getting the ball rolling again. Momentum reestablished, I can now push forward to make things happen. Maybe it won’t be on my school project, but now I’m primed to accomplish something, at least. And that’s the take-home tip for a stuck writer: Try finding something else to write about to get your fired up and moving again. Then transition over and don’t look back. Before you know it you’ll be flying!

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