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The Thankful End of an Era

My wife likes a lot of the shows on the TLC channel. Me, I’m not much of a TV guy. We DVR NCIS and Combat Hospital and catch up when we can, but that’s about it. Nonetheless I’ve been subjected to a lot of background noise on the TV that has been driving me crazy. Kat Von Dee and LA Ink and the infamous Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus Eight. Both series are ending and I couldn’t be happier!

To be fair, Kat’s show I really don’t care about. She seems to have a train wreck of a life but she’s not really screwing anyone up other than herself with it. Live and learn I say. The other show, run by Kate Gosselin, should have been cancelled years ago. I, personally, couldn’t stand it when it started and my opinion has never once varied.

But good news, the story about the polygamists that fled Utah to Las Vegas – the land of religious freedom – is coming back. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. I could personally care less about this show but the controversial value of it is such that it’s going to generate ratings. Ah the media, such a wonderful thing. Why entertain people or try to teach them something useful when we can splatter somebody’s personal lives all over the world and tease the public with the possibility that it may all end in a flaming ruin?

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